Our solutions are extensively designed to serve various industries. WeBrecks shares business-centric solutions and expert perspectives with a deep understanding of a wide range of Industries. Our aim is to improve the business of our clients online with a clean & simple approach. With the help of qualified professionals, we take responsibility to monitor mobile & web development process, solve the glitches, share the best solutions to overcome challenges, and enhance security goals. WeBrecks is quite successful in serving diversified industries from small companies to large scale business. Here, are few industries listed below:

1) E-commerce, Retail & B2B: Online shopping malls, Retail marts, and markets are a new booming industry in the market. Our professionally qualified team has the expertise to build projects for promoting B2B and B2C ventures on different platforms. It’s better choice for retail businesses to earn higher conversion by selling products and services on the right platforms. With open source platforms like WordPress, Opencart, Magento, and Woo commerce, we are deeply inspired to develop E-commerce platforms. Retail industry has already disrupted by the customer behavior that always go online for shopping. To win in the era of digital technology, we cater to manage an online store seamlessly and help ecommerce platforms to reach more customers.

2) Hospitality Industry: In this sector, our digital solutions promote business and build sales for hotels and hostels. We integrate the years of knowledge with robust web and mobile solutions to gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. Customers have also become smart enough and sophisticated in the use of technology to research and find the right place for them to stay. As a result, our  development team regularly update with innovative approaches to meet the needs of the business. The main features to retain customers are: accessible booking methods, agile hotel check-ins, and sale in-hotel services during customers stay and serve them to create a long lasting impression.

3) E-magazine Industry: News blog/website, online magazines, and Journals sell the relevant information to earn profits. Our designing and development solution present you with fresh look and feel to create beautiful & attractive designs and graphics. Smart phones have also raised the demand to turn both unpopular or popular magazines, journals idea into an app or website to reach zillions of people across the globe. We cater to strong marketing channels for promoting E-magazines on different platforms. Along with this, we provide the web designing solutions so the content is easily readable.

4) Manufacturing Industry:
Why manufacturing enterprises need an online presence? In today's competitive edge, global manufacturers are struggling through complex supply chain networks, tough regulatory needs and quickly changing customer expectations. Our effective IT development and support team understands the need for innovation, improvement in process management, reduction of cost in operational activities, and data analyzing to reap meaningful insights. We help our industrial clients to align production process according to the customer demands and facilitate collaboration with raw material suppliers. Our smart approach is to optimize the supply chain, faster product development, mobile enablement, and better the field sales management to sustain manufacturing business.

5) Travel & Tourism Industry:
We provide the best competent travel & tourism solutions for your customers. With the global business model, WeBreckrs bring traveling business closer to feeling connected with people from all over the world. Travel & tourism industry has been growing since the last decade

through social media platforms, digital marketing, and accessible websites or mobile applications. New technologies such as AI and Chatbots have also set leveraging opportunities for the customer to plan a vacation online or visit a destination. Building mobile applications and web applications can definitely fuel the online travel& tourism industry.

6) Healthcare & Fitness Industry: Technology has motivated the healthcare industry in every way. Healthcare industry includes hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors, health startups, pharmacy to meet patients' urgent need through easy-to-access web and mobile applications. Nowadays, people use wearable and smart phones to track their health. Patients have become more comfortable using digital tools for complex and sensitive healthcare issues. Apps have become a close friend to fitness freaks for their regular workout and diets, as these mobile or wearable applications help them to track the activities and give quick insights of performance. Tech has filled a trust gap between consumers and doctors to treat each patient on mobile and desktop with the right diet, prescriptions, medication, and exercise.

7) Education & Training Industry:
We provide web application development, mobile app development solutions to cater to the requirements of an institution or school. With the tailored learning solution, we have guided many educational organizations to engage students in providing online learning tools to
minimize the barriers of time and place. Our dedicated team of IT developers has created interactive solutions for educational startups, schools, colleges, institutions, and universities. However, there are technical challenges that need to be deal with valid solutions. Don't worry about that, we help you through tough situations. We offer high-performance technical support, adaptable features, and scalable E-learning solutions for classroom educations and training programs.

8) Real Estate Industry:
The Real Estate industry has also disrupted by the technologies and emergence of online platforms. In this sector, property and real estate business switched themselves into online business to advertise and attract millions of clients who have a need in searching the right place
to live. As a matter of fact, customers want to forget long queues to buy a dream home and skip the stressful booking procedure. They want simple pre-registration thing and every single detail before they go to buy the property. We understand consumer behavior when it comes to
property-hunting process and the significant role of us to support you in dealing with all the real estate challenges.

9) Non-profit Industry:

Non-governmental or non-profit organizations have special budgets and complex data security requirements. We provide IT products development and support solutions to take care of their goals. Our dedicated team takes complete responsibility to build reliable and maximum efficient technology to save your time. We offer 24 *7 technical customer services to handle the glitches and also take care of your tight budget. As a non- profit organization founder, you must have many things to do like helping people, partner with other foundations and find sponsors for funding your organization. Due to less time to focus on other tasks, WeBrecks support you in all administrative and marketing needs.

10) Media & Entertainment: Customized end-to-end solutions for media & entertainment startups, enterprises, and business. In this industry, we believe in monetizing the content to get the desired response from visitors and turn them into leads. It also helps your
media business to generate revenue. The modern audience does not stay at a single platform for long. They need multiple platforms to explore and entertain themselves. We recommend clients of the media & entertainment industry to diversify the services on platforms mostly choose by visitors. We also introduce new media ideas to foster relations with active users and claim higher retention.

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